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About stuart

Stuart studied at Bath College of Higher Education, graduating in 1989 with a BA Honours degree. After graduation, Stuart focused on product design and took part in several trade fairs, including Top Drawer in Olympia. He sold his work in many retail outlets across the country, including the famous Liberty’s store in London. In 1997, Stuart was one of the first makers to set up a ‘Pop Up’ shop in High Street Kensington.


Stuart completed his MA in Ceramics and Glass at The Royal College of Art in London in 2018. While studying part time over four years, Stuart continued his valuable work with people who have experienced homelessness. This interplay of study, work, people and places has influenced Stuart’s practice in ceramics. By combining firm and soft clay, Stuart explores how the medium interacts in its contrasting states of firmness and softness. This unique process yields strikingly beautiful pieces that are at once technically challenging and richly metaphoric.